Integration between Python/FastAPI and Snowflake


Basic python

Installation requirements — FastAPI and Uvicorn

pip install fastapipip install uvicorn

Snowflake Account


Log in with your snowflake account

Now let us create a stage named first_stage -

create or replace stage first_stage
file_format = (type = 'CSV' field_delimiter = ',' skip_header = 1);

the above statement file_format type = CSV

This because we can upload a CSV file to snowflake also.

Now let us create a table named Customers with parameters as CustomerID, LastName, FirstName, Products, Category

create table Customers(CustomerID int, LastName varchar(20) ,FirstName varchar(20),Products varchar(30),Category varchar(15));

Let us insert some records in the table

INSERT INTO Customers(CustomerID, LastName, FirstName, Products, Category)VALUES ('2', 'Maheshwarappa', 'Abhishek', 'OnePlus', 'Mobile');

To check the entries

select * from Customers;


Now let us create the procedure

create or replace procedure read_customer_proc() 
returns String not null
language javascript
var my_sql_command = "select * from Customers";var statement1 = snowflake.createStatement( {sqlText: my_sql_command} ); var result_set1 = statement1.execute();while( { var column1 = result_set1.getColumnValue(1);
var column2 = result_set1.getColumnValue(2);
var column3 = result_set1.getColumnValue(3);
var column4 = result_set1.getColumnValue(4);
var column5 = result_set1.getColumnValue(5);
var column = column1+' '+column2+' '+column3+' '+column4+' '+column5 } return column;

Command to call the procedure

call read_person_proc();

Now to work with we need to call that procedure in python using FastAPI

Install Snowflake Connector

pip install — upgrade snowflake-connector-python

from fastapi import FastAPIimport snowflake.connector as sfusername='<username>'
app = FastAPI()@app.get('/fetchdata')async def fetchdata():
cursor = ctx.cursor()
cursor.execute("USE WAREHOUSE COMPUTE_WH ")
cursor.execute("USE DATABASE FIRST")
cursor.execute("USE schema PUBLIC")
sql = cursor.execute("call read_customer_proc()")
for data in sql:
return data

Save this with .py extension, say

To run this use the command

uvicorn main:app --reload

Go to web-browser


In this article, we learned how to connect snowflake with the fast API, and as part of it, we wrote procedure and code in python to access that procedure from the fast API in the local system.





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